For me, What’s the Best Exercise for Perfect Body?

For me, What’s the Best Exercise for the Perfect Body?

Generation of today’s pretty love to have junk foods; that result in a bad lifestyle which leads to the invitation to many diseases like- Diabetes, Obesity, Pain in knees, Depression, Hypertension, High blood pressure and many others. It is very necessary nowadays to maintain health in order to live long and stay healthy. Diseases decrease your age by 15% according to experts.

Exercise is one of the best ways to keep you fit. It increases your blood circulation, which not only activates your Metabolism but also keeps your body in shape. Exercise leads to sound sleep. Proper sleep decreases stress and doesn’t let your body produce stress hormones which keep away all the major diseases.

Best exercise for perfect body further classified into many types

  • AEROBIC EXERCISE– this exercise consists of natural walk or brisk walk for a limited time. It helps in increasing your cardiovascular endurance. It consists of physical activity that requires large muscle involvement which further helps your blood to produce more oxygen.
  • ANAEROBIC EXERCISE- it consists of the physical activities that are very fast or quick and lower down the blood to produce lactic acid. Lactic acid produces cramps which are settled down with the time or by a hot water bath. Proper rest must be taken after quick physical activity.
  • FLEXIBILITY- The physical activities that help in the increase of the muscle length comes under flexibility. Stretching is an example.


Exercise for the Perfect Body

Exercise is the basic necessity for a perfect body. It is the best way to make a disease free and fit body. Many gyms have been opened with cardio exercises. People who have slow Metabolism find a good platform to perform workouts and burn their calories and others with a good body naturally can perform to maintain their body and health. Yoga asana is introduced and people are getting aware of this old technique which maintains the Metabolism, burn Calories and helps in living a stress-free life. Morning walk, and running help in increasing Metabolism, increased level of digestion, no extra fat and at the end, you get a toned body.

People are so busy in their lives that they are stressed up and frustrated. Exercises help in releasing the stress and make one happy. Sports like – Football, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket involves full body actively and so participating in these movements, people take interest but also become cheerful and fit.

Many new concepts are being introduced with the time

  1. Power yoga performing Asanas in a very different and quick way along with some music.
  2. Zumba– this form is getting popular worldwide. It involves a proper movement of the body. Dancing on fast music, it covers up yoga, aerobics. It is very effective for weight loss.

Working out daily for some time helps in improving the blood circulation, it is effective for glowing face, healthy hair, and improved immune system. Generation of today desperately demands a fit, appealing and anti-disease body, it is only possible if you take out some time for yourself and concentrate on working out. A healthy diet is required with all of the above, and straightforward neglecting of junk food, smoking, and alcohol. Prevention of harm and leading to a healthy diet also save you from cancer.

So in short; Stay healthy, live long and happy!

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